Where four female voices emerge into one. Gentle, yet powerful sounds run like a common thread within their compositions. They beautifully manage to create unique moods through combining their various influences

such as jazz, soul, pop or french chansons.

The four women quickly noticed the strong bond they felt towards each other while first singing together at Jam Sessions and small concerts around Vienna. Their voices seemed to flow into each other naturally, without losing what makes each one of them special. It was only a matter of time until they decided to form a group, where they could combine their different styles and create a unique sound. Soulparlez was born.

Their voices take the listener through endless airiness to a place far away, but yet so near. Telling stories of self-empowerment, love or their perception of society, Soulparlez is not scared to speak their mind through their music. Based in Vienna these talented musicians are currently working on their first releases,

among those, a series of living room sessions.




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